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Luciano Nelli
Luciano Nelli was born in Pise to the shade of the leaning tower.

After having studied five years the piano, the song and various instruments of music, he begins his professional career playing the battery with Gianni Morandi, Little Tony and others, but mainly, he sings his own songs that are already very loved.

Enfant prodige, he founds since 1969 his first Dance Band "I Rainbow" and, in 1970, he composes for the Rca house recording his first album that becomes N░1 in South America with the song "Ragazzina". Greatly solicited, he leaves with his group for South America and Brazil during 2 years and composes 3 albums for the Rca (The Master Voice) titled "Alta tensione", "Luciano Nelli Rainbow" and "Mi querido amor".

Luciano Nelli perfectly speaks the English, the French and the Spanish, and thanks to this diversity of languages, he begins tours in Holland, Belgium, Germany, America (New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles) as well as Nepal, to the royal house, proposing In his shows, his own songs, as well as the Italian and international classic repertory.

In 1976, after having received the laurea in jurisprudence, he leaves for London where he remains 3 years. Over there, during one official reception of the Princess Anne, to the Barracuda dancing in Baker Street, he meets Mr. Mills (M.a.m.), which produces him a new album: "Evita", that include the famous song Don't cry for me argentina", record that he performs again in Italy in 1983 with the name "Ritorna".