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Luciano Nelli
Since 1980, apart some periods in America and in Scandinavia, Luciano Nelli and his Dance Band performs in Italy in the best dancings as the Bussola in Focette, the Capannina in Forte dei Marmi, and in the thermal cities as Chianciano, Abano, Salsomaggiore and Montecatini Terme, his city of residence.

In 1985, during a tour in Sweden and Finland, Luciano Nelli meets the Abba group that produces him an album: Italian Golden Hits. It is a success that contains year 60 songs ' and "Se non ti avessi", a song of his composition that arrives 3° to the Festival of Monaco and 1° to the Festival of Prague.

In Italy, the success continues. Like author he works in collaboration with other big artists and some of his songs are admitted to the Festival of Sanremo.

In 1987, Luciano Nelli founds his/her/its house of disk Pole Position and he produces with his/her/its own stamp a disk mix I sing for you”.

Since 1989 to 1991 he is artistic manager of a known dancing in all the Europe, The "Panteraie" in Montecatini Terme.

In 1991, between two tours, he composes a new album "T'inventerei" produced by Polygram.

Since 1991 to 1993, he manages a prestigious singing caffé, the "Gambrinus" in Montecatini Terme and a dancing The "oasis", still near Montecatini.

In tour in Italy and around the world, he participates in a lot of television broadcasts as singer and as organizer. He makes his shows alone or with his Dance Band in the best dancings and theaters of the world.