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Luciano Nelli
In March and in November 1994, once more he is in tour in Scandinavia with his Dance Band.

At Christmas 1994 the Polygram produce him a new album "Da domani" which contains a lot of songs of his composition and some classic songs.

In mars1995, he returns in Scandinavia where one of the biggest Companies of Navigation Scandinavian Viking Line, that organizes every year in Sweden and in Finland the Italian month which sees Luciano Nelli and his Dance Band protagonists, produces him a CD with some of his own songs and some Evergreen as "L'Italiano", "Piove", "Nel blu dipinto di blu"... It's a big success: more than 30.000 copies are sold in only 25 days.

In 1996, he begins to enliven a television broadcast: "Nel cuore mio", conceived by himself, transmitted by the national channel Telemondo. The broadcast has a lot of successes. Indeed, it's the more watched in Toscane between the self-produced broadcasts.

In June 1996, he wins with other 13 orchestras the 2░ National Festival of Music for the Dance. His song "L'amore viene e va" is chosen between more of 600 and it's inserted in the homonym compilation.

In April 1997, he livens up 2 national radio broadcasts on Radio Centofiori (ex Radio Cuore): a direct of 4 hours, and daily, 5 times by day, "Il ballo Ŕ servito", which is an ordering of the best songs of Italy's discos.

In June 1997, Luciano Nelli participates for the second time in the 3░ National Festival of Music for the Dance, and his own song "Serenata", a tango, gets absolutely the second place and it's inserted in the compilation of the same name.