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Luciano Nelli
In June 1999, Luciano Nelli participates in the 5░ National Festival of Music for the Dance with a waltz "Non gioco all'amore" that is inserted in the compilation of the same name.

In 1999 - 2000, Luciano Nelli is rewarded as the most popular and the most loved Dance Band of all the Tuscane, and he receives by the magazine TV Tascabile his second Pegaso.

In February 2000, he composes a new CD titled "Guarda com'Ŕ strano" including 13 songs. This new record work is produced and distributed by Duck Record.

In May 2000, Luciano Nelli and his Dance Band receive the price "Dino Fontana" for the 3░ times.

In June 2000, Luciano Nelli participates in the 6░ National Festival of the Music of the Dance. It is the 5░ times and his song "Guardami negli occhi", a fox trot, is inserted in the homonym compilation.

In July 2000, Luciano Nelli and his Dance Band take part successfully in the direct television broadcast, on Rete 4, "Ballo Amore e Fantasia", a festival of the most known orchestras of the Italian musical panorama.

Thanks to so many evenings and shows in all the Italy, Luciano Nelli is one of the most recognized orchestras and appreciated. In October 2000, he is in the first ten places of a special ordering of the magazine "Musicavera Italiana".

In December 2000, Luciano Nelli and Paola Belloni enliven a television broadcast "Serenata", made on purpose for orchestras, gone on the air everyday until June 2001 on Telegranducato, a channel very watched in all the Toscane.