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Luciano Nelli
In May 2001, Alessandro Paci, for the realization of his Movie "Andata e ritorno”, chose Luciano Nelli and his orchestra for some stages that have been turned in the mythical Bussola of Focette. Nelli is a character that appears made indeed for the movies.

In July 2001, for the second time, Luciano Nelli and his Dance Band participate in the direct television broadcast on Rete 4, "Ballo Amore e Fantasia" and arrive at the second place. It is a big success, the public and the critique declare Luciano Nelli the virtual winner of the evening.

In May 2002, Rai Trade and Bds Fly Records product him a new Cd "E' amore" which contains 11 songs of his composition especially created for the dance, from the beguine to the foxt trot, to the chachacha and the terzinato. The twelfth song is "Vivo per lei", a cover with which Luciano Nelli participated in 2001 in "Ballo amore e fantasia" on the national channel Rete 4.

In October 2002, Luciano Nelli is called by the OdeonTV channel to enliven the musical program "Scusi, vuol ballare con me?". thanks to the professional management of Luciano Nelli and the singer of his Dance Band Paola Belloni, the program that had already a big success rejoined incredible tops of audience.

In May 2003, Luciano Nelli composes a new Cd "Stella" producted by the Musical Editions of Bagutti and distributed by Fonola Record. "Star" (the English version of Stella), "Noce di cocco", "No puedo mas" and "Stella" which give the title to this Cd row an enormous success in dancings and in discos.