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Luciano Nelli
In the summer of 2003 Luciano Nelli, with the singer of his Dance Band Paola Belloni, partecipe to the tour of Pippo Baudo in Italy and in foreign countries.

In april 2004, Luciano Nelli go to the 7░ Festival Nazionale della Musica da Ballo where he sings the songs "Io che non vivo" and "Stella". It's his sixth presence.

In July 2004, The Musical Editions of Bagutti product a compilation "Estate da Sballo"Volume 1, which contains "Vamos nos" a Luciano Nelli's song. This is already a big success. The song is required from a lot of orchestras and it's one of the background music of the television broadcast "Scusi, vuole ballare con me" on the channel Odeon Tv and by satellite.

In June 2005, Luciano Nelli composes a new CD titled "Tienilo per te", produced by the Musical Editions of Bagutti and distributed by Fonola. This CD includes 13 songs, 10 new songs of his composition and 3 international successes that Luciano Nelli plays with his Dance Band during their performances.

In August 2005, The Musical Editions of Bagutti product a compilation "Estate da Sballo"Volume 2, which contains "Nanný" a Luciano Nelli's song. It's a tarantelle, a super involving song, to the point that, it has been very required since the first time it has been trasmited. For two months, March and July, It has been the program's signature tune of "Scusi, vuol ballare con me?", a television broadcast trasmitted by the national chanel Odeon Tv and by satelitte.