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Luciano Nelli
of Luciano Nelli
(Cd 1997)
Luciano Nelli is an international celebrity artist and his 26 albums producted by the multinational record houses demonstrate it. Musician, songwriter and singer, he began his artistic career in the beginning years ' 70 with his first group "I Rainbow" rejoining tops of the hits parade with the song "Ragazzina". Thanks to the knowledge of the English, the Spanish and the French, Luciano Nelli and his music go all around the world, from Las Vegas to New York and London, from Australia to Stockolm where the Abba's group produce him an album "Italian Golden Hits". In Italy, the success continues. Like author he works in collaboration with other big artists and some of his songs are admitted to the Festival of Sanremo. Besides, with his Dance Band, he participates in multiple broadcasts on the national channel of the Rai. Now it's more than 10 years that Luciano Nelli makes dance the whole world with an extraordinarily vast repertory, from the international songs to waltzes, tangos, until the modern music. With the company Viking Line, he participates in a lot of cruises in Scandinavia and his album "Luciano Nelli" sells 30.000 copies in 25 days. Luciano is also a television's animator, very liked, an experience that he shares with Paola Belloni, the feminine voice of the Dance Band. They enlivened and participated in a lot of programs on the national channels. Recently they presented the broadcast "Scusi, vuol ballare con me?" on the Odeon Tv channel. His album "Primo amore" is made with the artistic collaboration of Sibaldi, with which he already wrote a lot of songs of success, as well as of movie musics, as those of Leonardo Pieraccioni or Giorgio Panariello, that, with Carlo Conti and so many others, belong to the same roots of Toscan talent. In June 2008, Luciano Nelli composes a new CD: "Quanti amori" producted and distributed by Bmg Ricordi.