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"The introducing of this album
has been done on thursday 23th June
at the Malandrone of Castellina Marittima (PI) in Italy.
The evening has been broadcasted
by the channel Granducato"
The title of the last album of Luciano Nelli, which is came out in the beginning of the last summer, is TIENILO PER TE.

Like the last one, STELLA (2003), it's produced by the Musical Editions of BAGUTTI and distributed, in Italy and in the foreign countries, by FONOLA.

It has been , already, a big success both sales and distribution. In fact some songs have been trasmited by some tv broadcasts and a lof of orchestras play them in their repertoire.

The album CD and MC contains 13 songs. 10 unpublished wrote by Luciano Nelli who, for various of these songs, has worked with his friend Gianluca Sibaldi. In the past, with him, Luciano Nelli wrote a lot of successes's songs and music's films like the last one of Pieraccioni. For this they've had the nomination for the music's silver oscar. The other 3 songs are international successes that Luciano Nelli plays with his Dance Band during their performances

You can buy this album CD and MC in the best shops, on Internet and at the Dance Band during the evenings.