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The program "SCUSI, VUOL BALLARE CON ME?" (Excuse, do you want to dance with me?)
The last transmissions
Granducato Tv
" Musica Vera Sė o No"
Rai Uno
" Miss Italia nel Mondo "
Rai Due
" La Vita in Diretta "
" Ballo Amore e Fantasia "
Canale 10
" Stadium "
Rete Mia
" Casa Mia "
The Music Magazine
" Scusi, vuol ballare con me? "
Very soon
new surprising shows...
  All on the magazine -Scusi, vuol ballare con me?-
with Luciano Nelli
& Paola Belloni
It goes on, the broadcast tv "Scusi, vuol ballare con me?", this daily appointment of music and information, where, each day, the most famos orchestras of Italy perform their most meaningful songs. You can see it on the tv channel Telemondo, La 6, Rete 55 and Pių Blu Lombardia; from monday to friday at 12.10pm and on sunday at 14.30pm, and by Satelitte Sky Channel channel 872 from monday to friday at 12.10pm and 18.30pm and on sunday at 14.30pm.

October is finish, and with it the professional entertainment of Luciano Nelli and Paola Belloni, the singer of his Dance Band, but we're waiting, shortly, for new surprising shows...

Meanwhile, Luciano Nelli, who is a showman with a repertoire which is the only one of its kind, keeps on with the many shows in Italy and abroad.
To know the itinerary of Luciano Nelli and all the favourite orchestras of the public, look at for this broadcast tv.