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The biography of Paola Belloni, the second voice of the Dance Band (page 1 of 4)
Who are them?
Paola Belloni's biography
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The Dance Band
Luciano Nelli
Paola Belloni
The second voice
of the Dance Band
Paola Belloni is born in the proximities of Milan, but she lives since a long time in Tuscany
She start her singing debut at 4 years old in the choir of a church.
To 6 years the passion for the music becomes even stronger, then it's the beginning of the first broadcasts of radio and television, of the regional and national song competitions
She make his first record, produced by Cgd, after having participated in "Disney Festival", a musical performance organized by Vittorio Salvetti and patronized by the Unicef, transmitted on the Italian national channel Rai.
She wins the first prize to the contest "The Talentiere" organized by Teddy Reno and Rita Pavone
She participates, with a song written by Memo Rimigi, to "Ambrogini d'Oro", an exclusive transmission for the unpublished songs of kids, transmitted on the Italian national channel Rai 1.
She makes a record and a compilation produced by Ricordi.
She is classified first to "Vibostar" in Calabrie, a broadcast transmitted on the  Italian national channel Rai 2.
A record Q for her produced by Ricordi.