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The biography of Paola Belloni, the second voice of the Dance Band (page 3 of 4)
Who are them?
Paola Belloni's biography
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The Dance Band
Luciano Nelli
Paola Belloni
The second voice
of the Dance Band
She works , as singer, dancer and animator of television programs, with Luciano Nelli in the best dancings in Italy and abroad. She contributes to the opening of two fans foreign club, one in Helsinki in Finland and one in Stockholm in Sweden.
The teamwork goes on, it's a big success in the musical field and in the radio and television field. Paola and Luciano enliven two radio broadcasts on Radio Centofiori, an Italian national radio, and a telecast "Nel Cuore Mio", arrived to its fourth edition, transmitted on the Italian national channel Telemondo
She takes part with the Luciano Nelli's Dance Band in the program "Miss Italia in the World" transmitted in Eurovision on the Italian national channel Rai 1, and several times to the program "Vita in diretta" on the Italian national channel Rai 2.
With the Luciano Nelli's Dance Band, she participates for two times, in the telecast, in direct on the Italian national channel Rete 4, "Ballo Amore e Fantasia" a festival made to measure for the most known orchestras in the world of the Italian music
Paola and Luciano enliven "Serenata", a special program for the orchestras, on Granducato an Italian regional channel very watching in Tuscany.