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A great time with a great music
Background music
Scusi,vuol ballare con me?
of Luciano Nelli
(Cd 2003)
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Luciano Nelli 's Dance Band perform usualy for events through all the world; special Italian and international shows, dinners dance, meetings, conventions, private and corporate events, indoor and outdoor parties, festivals, and plain dancing.
The Luciano Nelli's Dance Band is an eight-peace band from Italy, all very qualified and full ones of musical experiences and of show, also being very young; Between which detaches the exceptional cleverness of the singer Paola Belloni that, with her ductility, she succeeds in spacing every kind of music, from the modern one to some classical Italian or international, and with her way to sing and to dance, she succeeds in involving extraordinarily the public. During some concerts or special evenings they can be added two enlivening coristes or three Brazilian girls who dance and involve the presents, up to become an orchestra of 25 elements with full section of wind instruments and strings like already made in some national transmissions on the Rai's channel. The spectacular structures are ultra modern and they understand up to 85 points light with mobile heads, and anterior, back and side projectors. While the acoustic diffusion of new generation is modular and therefore is proper both the small-middle club and the big plaza with a sonorous diffusion of 10.000 watts. The class, cleverness and the experience of Luciano do the rest up to make every instant of the evening unforgettable.
Unwavering professionalism, from start to finish, they play a wide variety of music which span from the international repertoire to the disco dance, waltzs to tangos, rock n'roll to sambas, cha-chas, fox-trots, swing... The Luciano Nelli's Dance Band is the first for keeping the people, on the dance floor, entertained. With them it's always a great time with a great music.
The LUCIANO NELLI's Dance Band are:
Luciano Nelli (lead & back vocals)
Paola Belloni (lead & back vocals)
Agron Papri (accordion, clarin, sax alto & tenore)
Canzio Nelli (keyboards, trumpet, lead & back vocals)
Fabio Longhi (keyboards, accordion, guitar, bass & back vocals)
Mario Errico (percussions)
Maurizio Centorbi (percussions & sax)